Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The history of the Book of Secrets

I started writing the novel 6 years ago, all the while researching the information and writing anything that I found suitable for the book on scraps of paper, note pads and anything I could find to write on.

You hear many stories regarding the apocalypse or religious figures appearing before mankind and other tales (if that is what they are) which people truly believe in. The Book of Secrets is just that! A tale to believe or to enjoy as a fictitious novel.

The war in Heaven, I remember as a child was told to me at Sunday school and have to admit how scared I was. We were even told that the fallen ones (angels) did not go to hell but were sent here on earth.

I think of these stories and how frightened I became and growing up, my thoughts turned to how the catholic church frightened people to make us believe. I was a confused child not knowing which was the truth and whether the truth was being told by someone who honestly believed in what they were telling us.

The Book of Secrets takes you through a journey back in time when the book was found and how the Knights Templars found the tome and tried to keep it away from prying eyes.

As you read, you are taken to an historical period when suddenly, you are back into the 21st century and slowly find that history is repeating itself.

Told in first and third person narrative, I want the reader to understand and feel the pain and joy of the main character and also hear the other side of how the tale took place.

The book does have a gay feel to it but the story is not intended to be about homosexuality. I wrote it in this way to show that gay people are as human as any other. Yes, there are some scenes in the book which people may find distasteful and I am not talking about explicit sex but discussions of homosexuality within religious orders.

To close - the book is based on some facts though I have classed it as fiction, a supernatural tale of the occult, a story of ones self being and what one must do to make themselves believe that other forms of life - apart from humans do exist.